Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today's Inspiration

So much stuff has been going on over here at the Barrett House that I haven't been able to blog, so here's an update. I Bought new shoes!! I love shoes, if I had a choice between getting bit by Edward Cullen, or a lifetime supply of Jimmy Choos, I would actually take the Jimmy Choos.......Well maybe not, but I still love shoes. But here's yesterday's Inspiration; Rosalie Hale. Unfortunately I don't own a grey coat, and so this is my makeshift Rosalie outfit, but I'm okay with that. And I'm wearing my new heels that I love.

I'm not gonna post Today's outfit, because it's rather boring(jeans and a top), but I will make myself blog more often, and hopefully I will have more cute outfits for you, but until then I will leave you with were I bought my outfit. Shoes, Top, and Vest: Target. and Pants: Old Navy.
Today I unfortunately do not have anything funny or sarcastic to post so I will just leave you with a quote by someone I do not know: "Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best defence."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Dayla

This is Dayla. She's not your "normal" 14 year old. She's been homeschooled her whole life, so the other kids in suburbia make fun of her for being more intelligent. She's the middle of seven kids, and one of her older sisters is an actress and another is a director, but that's not the main reason this girl is out of the ordinary, she has a big secret, her boyfriend Austin is a Vampire, and so is her best friend, and his sister, Anna, and she knew it since the day she first met them, but there are other vampires out there, and some of them have decided to let the whole world in on their "little" secret. so in fright Anna and Austin's Uncle, and legal guardian, has decided to leave town, and Dayla has no idea when, or if, she'll see her love again.
She bought her Skirt at: Target
and Top at: Target
her Shoes are from: can you guess? yup, Target.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh My Anthro.!!!!!!!!! and, I can smell the fall!!!

So I just watched 'Man Shoppes Globe', and in some ways I love it, but in others it makes me mad that I can't go live in an Anthropologie. seriously! This is the BEST SHOW EVER!! It's about a buyer for Anthropologie, who goes around the world looking for things that would sell well(did not mean to rhyme)in one of the New York branches. For those of you who love Anthropologie I highly recommend this show, but I will warn you, it will make you want to drive to the closest Anthro. the second this show is over, and camp out protesting that it has beds, and clothes, so therefor you can live in it. *Daydreams about living in Anthro. for the of her life.* that would be so cool! Especially since I saw the new Fall line, that I can't wait to stock up on......Okay now I'm sad that I haven't been to Anthro. since like August for my sister's Bachelorette party in L.A. *crys a little because she misses Anthro.*. Well in other less depressing news FALL IS HERE!!! I can smell it, and can't wait till it hits California, so that we can get into the 70's in temperature. Why can't we have the really strange 'must be a God thing that this is happening' snow and/or rain, that always happens in the movies, here in California? why is it that when it DOSE rain, it only lasts about an hour to a week? Wow I guess that this kinda got "Depressing" now that I really can't wait for rain.*crosses fingers, and dose rain dance, while praying really hard* well I guess that's it for today, since it's twelve o'clock, so T.T.F.N. And I'll actually start Blogging more often, now that I have A new show that I can't wait for every week......Oh wait! The Vampire Diaries is on tomorrow night! Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes two.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The month that sucked till the Vampires came to town

I haven't been posting lately because there really hasn't been much to talk about, other than the fact that my sister's getting married, and the Vampire Diaries is starting on the tenth and I'm super exited. since I'm a massive vampire nerd I actually was counting out the day's since I found out in late July. Yes I know what you're going to say "Don't you have a life?" and it's not because I'm fourteen and home schooled(believe it or not, but home schoolers CAN have social lives) that I have nothing to do, it is actually that I CHOOSE to do nothing but school work, and read about Vampires, and sometimes only the ladder. on accident.
Well it has been freakishly hot lately and it is now just getting ridiculous, but the upside to this month (Other than the Vampires) is that my sister Bri is getting married in nine days, and I'm very happy for her and her fiance' Michael, despite my recent PRIVATE phone call to a friend, which she over herd. I haven't done much lately, and that's why the absents of posts, but if anything comes up other than the usual nonsense that goes around in my house I will be posting more often, but other than the wedding it's been a little dreary in little ol' Riverside. Sorry.
Now I don't have an outfit to post, because I have been too lazy to put on anything other than jeans and a T Shirt, because of my lack of coffee in the morning *spaces out thinking about coffee* that remineds me, I need coffee, so tootle-pip for now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

saturday's outfit and lovely wether

This is Friday's outfit, but unfortunately it's not a good photo of me since I was about to fall off of the stool I was standing on, as I tried to take a crappy web cam photo. Seriously, the thing scares me, but it was the only option besides waiting for my sister to get home with my MOTHER'S camera, that is NOT hers, but if I didn't do this I wouldn't have a funny story to tell you, so I guess there's a silver lining in every crappy day. Skirt: Rummage sale. Leggings: Target. Shoes: Target.
Top: Old Navy. Other Top: Old Navy
This it Saturday's outfit, it's a little boring, but I just threw on clothes because I had to, so mainly it's just the first thing I saw in my closet, and said "Today, as long as it looks good together it's fine." that was before I realized it was a beautiful overcast day, and got super excited. so it's been a good day so far, but it is me so ten bucks says that I'll probably have to do something I really don't want to do......oh right, I forgot that today my little sister, or "the leach" as she is known in my house, wants me to go swimming with her, and wouldn't leave me alone until I promised to go with her, so really quickly I'll say:

Red top: Target
Tan over-top-thing: rummage sale

Skirt: Target
Shoes: Target


Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm finaly back on this thing. I've been reading for about a week, and doing nothing but that, so YESTERDAY'S outfit is this one.
Top: Target
other top: Target
Shoes: a Converse store Bag: knock off Bottega Veneta. An Aunt of mine that sells them.

and today's is this one:
Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Me
Socks: Target
Shoes: Target

Friday, August 7, 2009

Amazing Anthro.

Today I looked in the back of my closet and realized I had THIS in it, and so I wore it! this is probably my favorite outfit I own. I have no idea why I don't wear it, because it is so adorable, and I love it!

shoes: Target
dress: Anthropolgie heaven

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

anoying technology

okay, so i have decided that all technology despises me, and i'm not so keen on it myself anymore, and theese are the reasons why:
  1. my zune i got for christmas two years ago randomly stopped working in June last year, and, apperantly, nothing can save it now.
  2. i got a laptop a couple of days ago and can't figure out how to use the camera yet (because it hates me). and
  3. before I got my computer I'd use my sister's, and it would constantly make unexplainable noises that I'd ask my brother(the biggest computer nerd since the guy who built the computer) what to do, and after a while this conversation wiuld take place: Delaney sitting at Chelsea's computer:Eric?! Eric sitting at his:I don't know what you did Delaney! leave me alone! I don't know!

so now I don't know what I should do, forget technology compleatly, and live like the omish, or lern how to not crash a computer just by stairing at it? It will have to be option number two, I guess, since I'd kill the little omish people if I had to dress like they do.


Monday, August 3, 2009

new dress!

I bought this dress last night, and I think it's more proof of why target is awsome! I love it!!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's outfit and grape vine madness

today i actulay changed like three times befor i picked this, because i have nothing in my closet that's apropreatc for whether over 78 degrees, but then i finally found a top that, coincidentally i fixed a tair on last night, and voila! although it makes me mad that my hair is flat (left) i absolutley love the way the grape vines in my backyard look in that picture. they're so pretty! maby it's just the fact that i love phtography of randome stuff, like this really cool picture of a table at Deney's i have. i think it's cool because there's a spoon coverd in coffee, and sugar on the table, and it kinda looks like a beach, sort of. but it's weird and so am i, so it's cool. now i know what you're thinking 'what the crap is wrong with this girl? she thinkes it's cool when coffee and sugar look like a beach? is she high or just special needs?' well to tell you the truth nither, even though everyone in my family would beg to differ. ha! isn't that a funny phrase 'beg to differ'? differ is a funny word to say. and why are you begging? why can't you just differ, and if people don't like it then they can just get over it, becaues every mind is differ-ent, and therefor we're not drones and Obamights(or socialists as they are more popularly known) and some of us think way different than the abvedge Joe, and therefor come up with a tottaly differnet answer to "what's two plus two?" because we think it can be four, it can be wii bowling night at Bob's houes, and it can be me and a book(2) + a sandwich, and a cup of lemonade(2), and therefor 2+2 now equel's a nice summer afternoon by the pool. wow! if my pholosaphy major brother-in-law-to-be read this he'd probably pee his pants by laughing my logic. now that would be a funny.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

dearest California...

Today I realized how much I really hate the heat, and if you know me you know that I really hate the heat, so inspiration of it I wrought this little ditty.
Dearest California, why must you be so very hot?
because lovely, let me tell you, it is not.
you make me want to shout at the sky,
and ask the heavens:
why, oh, why?
oh my dearest California,
with your skis so deeply blue,
I must confess to your bros and hos
that when i see them walking around
all I can think is "ewe".
oh, you dearest California,
how you gleam with burning heat,
and again I must confess that you have won,
and I am beat.-Delaney Barrett
In other more happy news I'm getting better, and am not super sick anymore, and therefor don't want to yell out to the heavens in frustration, so yeah!

The makings of me

Today I finished a skirt that I got the idea, and bought the fabric for, in April, and I absolutely love it. The only down side to weiring it is it attracts this conversation: Everyone I talked to today(E.I.T.T.T.): "wow! what's with the tutu Delaney? did you start ballet classes today?" Me:*really? like I can dance? I'd injure myself, and anyone in a ten mile radius. okay so I'm not that destructive.....on purpose.* "No I just wanted to make it for fun, just to wear." E.I.T.T.T:"you made that?" Me:*sigh* "yeah. there so much fun to make, and easy too." E.I.T.T.T:"okay...? well good for you!" Me: "thank you!" *you just gave me eyes like you think I'm crazy.* The End. now what I get from this day is that: A) people in this world have no sense of random imagination. and B) if there are people who don't think "why" when a red haired Alice Cullen walks into church wearing a tutu, then by all means please tell me were all the cool people went.