Thursday, July 30, 2009

dearest California...

Today I realized how much I really hate the heat, and if you know me you know that I really hate the heat, so inspiration of it I wrought this little ditty.
Dearest California, why must you be so very hot?
because lovely, let me tell you, it is not.
you make me want to shout at the sky,
and ask the heavens:
why, oh, why?
oh my dearest California,
with your skis so deeply blue,
I must confess to your bros and hos
that when i see them walking around
all I can think is "ewe".
oh, you dearest California,
how you gleam with burning heat,
and again I must confess that you have won,
and I am beat.-Delaney Barrett
In other more happy news I'm getting better, and am not super sick anymore, and therefor don't want to yell out to the heavens in frustration, so yeah!

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