Thursday, July 30, 2009

The makings of me

Today I finished a skirt that I got the idea, and bought the fabric for, in April, and I absolutely love it. The only down side to weiring it is it attracts this conversation: Everyone I talked to today(E.I.T.T.T.): "wow! what's with the tutu Delaney? did you start ballet classes today?" Me:*really? like I can dance? I'd injure myself, and anyone in a ten mile radius. okay so I'm not that destructive.....on purpose.* "No I just wanted to make it for fun, just to wear." E.I.T.T.T:"you made that?" Me:*sigh* "yeah. there so much fun to make, and easy too." E.I.T.T.T:"okay...? well good for you!" Me: "thank you!" *you just gave me eyes like you think I'm crazy.* The End. now what I get from this day is that: A) people in this world have no sense of random imagination. and B) if there are people who don't think "why" when a red haired Alice Cullen walks into church wearing a tutu, then by all means please tell me were all the cool people went.

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Ashley Louise said...

welcome to blogging. Enjoy your stay. Post pictures.