Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's outfit and grape vine madness

today i actulay changed like three times befor i picked this, because i have nothing in my closet that's apropreatc for whether over 78 degrees, but then i finally found a top that, coincidentally i fixed a tair on last night, and voila! although it makes me mad that my hair is flat (left) i absolutley love the way the grape vines in my backyard look in that picture. they're so pretty! maby it's just the fact that i love phtography of randome stuff, like this really cool picture of a table at Deney's i have. i think it's cool because there's a spoon coverd in coffee, and sugar on the table, and it kinda looks like a beach, sort of. but it's weird and so am i, so it's cool. now i know what you're thinking 'what the crap is wrong with this girl? she thinkes it's cool when coffee and sugar look like a beach? is she high or just special needs?' well to tell you the truth nither, even though everyone in my family would beg to differ. ha! isn't that a funny phrase 'beg to differ'? differ is a funny word to say. and why are you begging? why can't you just differ, and if people don't like it then they can just get over it, becaues every mind is differ-ent, and therefor we're not drones and Obamights(or socialists as they are more popularly known) and some of us think way different than the abvedge Joe, and therefor come up with a tottaly differnet answer to "what's two plus two?" because we think it can be four, it can be wii bowling night at Bob's houes, and it can be me and a book(2) + a sandwich, and a cup of lemonade(2), and therefor 2+2 now equel's a nice summer afternoon by the pool. wow! if my pholosaphy major brother-in-law-to-be read this he'd probably pee his pants by laughing my logic. now that would be a funny.

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Ashley Louise said...

Michael did in fact pee his pants.