Wednesday, August 5, 2009

anoying technology

okay, so i have decided that all technology despises me, and i'm not so keen on it myself anymore, and theese are the reasons why:
  1. my zune i got for christmas two years ago randomly stopped working in June last year, and, apperantly, nothing can save it now.
  2. i got a laptop a couple of days ago and can't figure out how to use the camera yet (because it hates me). and
  3. before I got my computer I'd use my sister's, and it would constantly make unexplainable noises that I'd ask my brother(the biggest computer nerd since the guy who built the computer) what to do, and after a while this conversation wiuld take place: Delaney sitting at Chelsea's computer:Eric?! Eric sitting at his:I don't know what you did Delaney! leave me alone! I don't know!

so now I don't know what I should do, forget technology compleatly, and live like the omish, or lern how to not crash a computer just by stairing at it? It will have to be option number two, I guess, since I'd kill the little omish people if I had to dress like they do.


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