Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Dayla

This is Dayla. She's not your "normal" 14 year old. She's been homeschooled her whole life, so the other kids in suburbia make fun of her for being more intelligent. She's the middle of seven kids, and one of her older sisters is an actress and another is a director, but that's not the main reason this girl is out of the ordinary, she has a big secret, her boyfriend Austin is a Vampire, and so is her best friend, and his sister, Anna, and she knew it since the day she first met them, but there are other vampires out there, and some of them have decided to let the whole world in on their "little" secret. so in fright Anna and Austin's Uncle, and legal guardian, has decided to leave town, and Dayla has no idea when, or if, she'll see her love again.
She bought her Skirt at: Target
and Top at: Target
her Shoes are from: can you guess? yup, Target.

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