Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh My Anthro.!!!!!!!!! and, I can smell the fall!!!

So I just watched 'Man Shoppes Globe', and in some ways I love it, but in others it makes me mad that I can't go live in an Anthropologie. seriously! This is the BEST SHOW EVER!! It's about a buyer for Anthropologie, who goes around the world looking for things that would sell well(did not mean to rhyme)in one of the New York branches. For those of you who love Anthropologie I highly recommend this show, but I will warn you, it will make you want to drive to the closest Anthro. the second this show is over, and camp out protesting that it has beds, and clothes, so therefor you can live in it. *Daydreams about living in Anthro. for the of her life.* that would be so cool! Especially since I saw the new Fall line, that I can't wait to stock up on......Okay now I'm sad that I haven't been to Anthro. since like August for my sister's Bachelorette party in L.A. *crys a little because she misses Anthro.*. Well in other less depressing news FALL IS HERE!!! I can smell it, and can't wait till it hits California, so that we can get into the 70's in temperature. Why can't we have the really strange 'must be a God thing that this is happening' snow and/or rain, that always happens in the movies, here in California? why is it that when it DOSE rain, it only lasts about an hour to a week? Wow I guess that this kinda got "Depressing" now that I really can't wait for rain.*crosses fingers, and dose rain dance, while praying really hard* well I guess that's it for today, since it's twelve o'clock, so T.T.F.N. And I'll actually start Blogging more often, now that I have A new show that I can't wait for every week......Oh wait! The Vampire Diaries is on tomorrow night! Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes two.

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charissa said...

AH! i wish i had a t.v. so i could watch it!!!

you STILL crack me up.