Friday, February 26, 2010

Randoms and Ranting

I'm gonna kill my siblings. It's bad enough being the therapist in a house of nine, but it really pisses me off when they act like psychopathic monkeys! I mean, why can't Fraser live for one minute without making Grace screech like a freaking flying baboon?! why dose Eric have to be a retarded freak of nature. Fraser this morning, was trying to speak with his tongue hanging out, and then speaking in a crappy British accent. My freaking computer cord was working perfectly fine until Fraser had to use it, and now it won't stay on. My family is driving me INSANE!!!! It's like all the retards from other families got together and made a group, and I somehow was forced to join their insanity. And just now as I was showering sixty-thousand people thought it was time to use the loo, and either flush the toilet in attempt to burn my skin off, or leave the door open/turn the light off on their way out. I think I might explode. Rant Over.

In other news, we went to Big Bear today and had a lovely time, snowball fights, Horchata, and good food. All in all a good day(well minus this morning and my shower). Unfortunately I have a demonstration to practice tomorrow, that has to be presented on March 5Th or 6Th(which rather sucks, because 5Th= Mum's Birthday, and 6Th= Mine. p.s. fail.). well I think I will post today's outfit tomorrow, because I did not get a picture of it since I do not have a camera to do so, but I will start posting them as soon as I either find my Mum's, or get my own(hint, hint Mum). well back to today's trip, we mainly walked around Big Bear and threw snowballs at each other(the locals were not very happy, come to think of it neither were the tourists, except a couple of Asian ladies who LOVED Fraser and the blond colour of his hair). We walked around, Mum bought Grace some adorable clothes, and a couple antique dishes and what not, and that was today in a nut shell. other than that there is not much to tell, other than this piece of advice, even when your bag is waterproof, you need it to close on the top, and go around your shoulders, or else you may have wet books.(Fail.)
P.S. Sorry for the boring post, not much has happened this week.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today's outfit and goings on, and NEW SHOES!!!!!

I went shopping tonight, and bought the most amazing shoes on the face of the planet. I love them. And of course it doesn't hurt that, being 5 foot 1 and 3/4, they are heels. I love them!*she said for the second time.* I got them at Target*Where else is there to buy cute shoes in Riverside but there*, and the open toe makes them all the more cute. I also got some clothes, which I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of, and Will do so tomorrow, but since it is twelve I will only do a quick recap of today's craziness. We went to Victoria Gardens last night, and at dinner, being the moron that I am, I left my bag at the restaurant and didn't realize it until I was at my house, an hour away. So today we went down after school, only to find that my Dad had come down, just seconds before and retrieved it. You may not find this interesting, but you kind have to know that I have the worst memory when it comes to anything but vampires, and Gilmore Girls, so mum was kinda ticked. but I think if it hadn't of happened we would not have gone to Target to get my amazing shoes. have I mentioned that I love them? I have? Well, I'll say it again, I love them. they may not be the most comfortable things, but that's only because I haven't broke them in yet. and let me tell you there worth it. well I can no longer keep my eyes open, so I will bid you adieu, and a good night, or blessed be I guess, if you're a House of Night fan. P.S. Sorry the one picture is so wonkey, I was useing my sisters camera, and it's very heavy when held in one hand.