Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today's outfit and goings on, and NEW SHOES!!!!!

I went shopping tonight, and bought the most amazing shoes on the face of the planet. I love them. And of course it doesn't hurt that, being 5 foot 1 and 3/4, they are heels. I love them!*she said for the second time.* I got them at Target*Where else is there to buy cute shoes in Riverside but there*, and the open toe makes them all the more cute. I also got some clothes, which I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of, and Will do so tomorrow, but since it is twelve I will only do a quick recap of today's craziness. We went to Victoria Gardens last night, and at dinner, being the moron that I am, I left my bag at the restaurant and didn't realize it until I was at my house, an hour away. So today we went down after school, only to find that my Dad had come down, just seconds before and retrieved it. You may not find this interesting, but you kind have to know that I have the worst memory when it comes to anything but vampires, and Gilmore Girls, so mum was kinda ticked. but I think if it hadn't of happened we would not have gone to Target to get my amazing shoes. have I mentioned that I love them? I have? Well, I'll say it again, I love them. they may not be the most comfortable things, but that's only because I haven't broke them in yet. and let me tell you there worth it. well I can no longer keep my eyes open, so I will bid you adieu, and a good night, or blessed be I guess, if you're a House of Night fan. P.S. Sorry the one picture is so wonkey, I was useing my sisters camera, and it's very heavy when held in one hand.


SophieGrace said...

I like your shoes and your hair. I wish I had a great hair colour like yours. Mines just brown and boring. Good day :D

Ashley Louise said...

maybe someone shouldn't use their sister's camera if they don't know how to use it. you had it focued on the wrong thing. And I don't mind taking pics for you y'know. Just ask and it shall be done. I love you!

kirstyb said...

cute shoes x