Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cleaning room, Watching Millie, and Reading Interviews with Vampire Weekend. This is my day

so lately I have only been getting caught up on a whole bunch of crap. as I believe I have mentioned before, my little sister Grace has decided to move in to my room, and it is kinda a disaster right now. today has been kinda boring. I've just been trying to make it so that people can see that I actually have carpet in my room, what can I say though, I usually go through six outfits in the morning before I pick just one, and then, depending on whatever home schooled person thing my mother decided that she will not tell me about until the last moment, I will have to change again. so not much has happened today that I feel like sharing. I cleaned Grace's playroom, I tried to clean my room(but failed), and I read Night World Vol.3. I'm going to actually get stuff done tomorrow that dose't include running the world's most boring blog. Maybe I'll actually have something funny or intelligent to say then, although that's very unlikely. Oh I forgot! one interesting thing that is going to make you say 'Really Delaney?' is that today I saw 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' in full for the first time. I had never actually watched that movie. when I was younger my older sisters watched it with friends, but I was too little to find interest in it so I had never seen all of it. But now I think it was an odd movie, now technically I still haven't seen it in full, because at some moments I went upstairs. But I loved the parts I did see and someday I will actually watch it in full.
In other news I read an interview with Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, he seems like one of those people that you want to meet just to know how you two would get along. and also because he's Uberly attractive. for those of you that don't know the band, this is for you:
I love their music. They are categorized as alternative, but their newest album has a little bit of African percussion in it and it sounds so great. I. Love. Them. I have to say I couldn't pick a favourite song by them. Every song I listen to, and every time I listen to it, I end up thinking, 'This is my favourite song.' and then I listen to another and think 'no this one.'. I actually love that about a band, and think that's what separates a lyricist from an artist. The artist always makes you want more, and you learn something new from a song every time you listen to it. were as a lyricist just puts words in your mouth because they rhyme. I think if I ever got into that business I would refer to other "lyricists" as artists, because I think it gives them a little bit more respect, instead of just being the guy/chick who wrote the words. Well random post. Short post, but I have to get off, so goodnight.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look! I'm Blogging

Whew! Crazy past few weeks. School work galore. So I'm going to try to catch you up on all the stuff we did, but be forewarned that it might get confusing. Okay! So two weeks ago on the fifth it was my mom's birthday, we had a gay old time besides the fact that it was a Friday, and so we had Marine Biology that morning. Then the next day I had to do a demonstration for my 4-H club, which kinda sucked because it was my Birthday. Yes I can't believe it either. I'm fifteen. weird. Well we went bowling. now, see, I'm like Awesome at bowling(well at least that's what the Wii tells me) so I thought it would be fun. and it was. Well other than that the past few weeks haven't been that eventful. yesterday we listened to non-stop Irish music. I absolutely love the entire world genre, and all of the people in my family(well from my mom's side) are rather talented when it comes to music, so the whole day everyone was singing along with the music. I love music. I have tried to learn how to play the piano/guitar/drums before, but unfortunately no matter how hard I try I can't teach myself to be ambidextrous. I like to think of it as being one of those people that is so right handed that it's implausible for me to use my left hand. It is the reason I type so slow. in other news, I'm glad to say that I will soon have a camera, so I might just have more excuses to blog. yay! well that's pretty much it. today has been boring. and unfortunately I have Marine Biology tomorrow, so I must go to bed. Hopefully I will have something interesting to post then. And hopefully a outfit. Pleasant dreams.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vamping It Up

As per my usual nerdyness I am in the middle of a vampire book. I am currently reading the second book, The Chosen, of the second volume, of the Night World series. It's a great series so far. I would recommend it for anyone who has a teenager, or just doesn't like how much sex there is in books anymore, who loves Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves, but this was not actually the reason I started writing this post, it was actually to talk about Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. Today I finally finished watching it, grant it I had my sister Grace jumping on me the whole time yelling "VAMPIRES! VAMPIRES!". But it was a Really good movie. I really enjoyed John C. Reilly's character. He made a point I have been trying to get through my friend Casey's head ever since I met her; Vampires aren't all perfect! I mean, don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed Twilight, and New Moon, and yes I am counting down until Eclipse, but the way some girls go on about it makes me really want to rip their vocal chords out. This is, in part, turning into a rant, because I see TOO MUCH flair on Facebook that says "Who's Lastat, I want Edward." *She says in her squeaky air head voice*. I'm sorry, but are any of these girls at least a little bit cultured?! I seriously doubt it. In another example, there is a movie that was done in 2000 called The Little Vampire, it is one of my all-time favorite movies and stars Jonathan Lipniki, and Richard E. Grant. It's a hilarious movie, and was actually well-ish known for the next few years. If you still don't know it, I'd suggest renting it, it's a really funny movie. But no one knows of it's existence. Although it wasn't as big of a movie as Twilight, it was a good movie, that any kid from the ages of four to eight(or maybe older depending on how cool they are) will enjoy. But there are the other good Vamp movies that, unfortunately, are dismissed by teenage girls, such as the classic movie Nosferatu, now I sadly haven't finished this movie, because it is a silent and therefor, if you are a slow reader, has to be paused every minute for another minute of dialogue reading, so I don't know how it ends, and can't wait to find out. But my gosh are there any cool people out there that aren't posers?! If so tell me of your existence! I need to meet the cool, semi-(when it comes to vampires)normal people! because Casey I love you girl, but if you don't get your facts straight you end up looking like a complete fool, and then I get called a poser, and although that doesn't hurt me, it dose make me seem like one of those scene girls that wear neon all the time, and no offence, but I can't wear neon, it clashes with my hair, and skinny jeans make my Norwegian thighs look horrid(and No I'm not shallow, I just care what I'm wearing). well were was I? Oh right! Another problem is that really normal people just randomly walk up to me now, and start talking to me, and I just can't deal with that, not because I'm home schooled, and therefore, according to the normals don't know how to socialize, but because they try to get me into their group, and then I say something like "'Ob ovo in toto nil desperandum.'" and they just stare at me, I say "The Little Vampire?" while in my head thinking 'Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?', and then I never talk to those people again, of course I see them, and then hear them whisper about me, because it's really easy to tell when someone is talking about you when you see them whisper to their friend, and point at you, and then you wave and they still point. I find that so entertaining. But it's kind of sad how rude this new generation is getting. I mean I ware a fracking tutu, and go to the mall. So dose a ballerina, and she doesn't get this crap. Well it's late, I'm done ranting, and want to read, so I guess I'll beat the crap out of the stupid girls tomorrow.