Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cleaning room, Watching Millie, and Reading Interviews with Vampire Weekend. This is my day

so lately I have only been getting caught up on a whole bunch of crap. as I believe I have mentioned before, my little sister Grace has decided to move in to my room, and it is kinda a disaster right now. today has been kinda boring. I've just been trying to make it so that people can see that I actually have carpet in my room, what can I say though, I usually go through six outfits in the morning before I pick just one, and then, depending on whatever home schooled person thing my mother decided that she will not tell me about until the last moment, I will have to change again. so not much has happened today that I feel like sharing. I cleaned Grace's playroom, I tried to clean my room(but failed), and I read Night World Vol.3. I'm going to actually get stuff done tomorrow that dose't include running the world's most boring blog. Maybe I'll actually have something funny or intelligent to say then, although that's very unlikely. Oh I forgot! one interesting thing that is going to make you say 'Really Delaney?' is that today I saw 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' in full for the first time. I had never actually watched that movie. when I was younger my older sisters watched it with friends, but I was too little to find interest in it so I had never seen all of it. But now I think it was an odd movie, now technically I still haven't seen it in full, because at some moments I went upstairs. But I loved the parts I did see and someday I will actually watch it in full.
In other news I read an interview with Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, he seems like one of those people that you want to meet just to know how you two would get along. and also because he's Uberly attractive. for those of you that don't know the band, this is for you:
I love their music. They are categorized as alternative, but their newest album has a little bit of African percussion in it and it sounds so great. I. Love. Them. I have to say I couldn't pick a favourite song by them. Every song I listen to, and every time I listen to it, I end up thinking, 'This is my favourite song.' and then I listen to another and think 'no this one.'. I actually love that about a band, and think that's what separates a lyricist from an artist. The artist always makes you want more, and you learn something new from a song every time you listen to it. were as a lyricist just puts words in your mouth because they rhyme. I think if I ever got into that business I would refer to other "lyricists" as artists, because I think it gives them a little bit more respect, instead of just being the guy/chick who wrote the words. Well random post. Short post, but I have to get off, so goodnight.

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