Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look! I'm Blogging

Whew! Crazy past few weeks. School work galore. So I'm going to try to catch you up on all the stuff we did, but be forewarned that it might get confusing. Okay! So two weeks ago on the fifth it was my mom's birthday, we had a gay old time besides the fact that it was a Friday, and so we had Marine Biology that morning. Then the next day I had to do a demonstration for my 4-H club, which kinda sucked because it was my Birthday. Yes I can't believe it either. I'm fifteen. weird. Well we went bowling. now, see, I'm like Awesome at bowling(well at least that's what the Wii tells me) so I thought it would be fun. and it was. Well other than that the past few weeks haven't been that eventful. yesterday we listened to non-stop Irish music. I absolutely love the entire world genre, and all of the people in my family(well from my mom's side) are rather talented when it comes to music, so the whole day everyone was singing along with the music. I love music. I have tried to learn how to play the piano/guitar/drums before, but unfortunately no matter how hard I try I can't teach myself to be ambidextrous. I like to think of it as being one of those people that is so right handed that it's implausible for me to use my left hand. It is the reason I type so slow. in other news, I'm glad to say that I will soon have a camera, so I might just have more excuses to blog. yay! well that's pretty much it. today has been boring. and unfortunately I have Marine Biology tomorrow, so I must go to bed. Hopefully I will have something interesting to post then. And hopefully a outfit. Pleasant dreams.

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