Thursday, April 22, 2010

Koalas are not our friends

It's rather overcast today and therefore a great day to take pictures.
Of coarse my retard dog, Penelope, and little sister Grace, see me with a camera, and think they need to come and investigate/pose. you see, Penelope just doesn't like me, and no I'm not being dramatic, if you must ask my sister Ashley, and she'll flat out tell you 'we don't know why but Penelope HATES Delaney. it's weird.' i think it's that, along with technology, i also repel Animal love. they just hate me. I have only met one animal(besides cats, because they don't have a problem with me) that didn't hate me, and that was an old friend's dog Sadie. other than that they just don't like me. I think it has t do with the fact that when I was like six, my siblings and I won goldfish at a carnival at our church, and then I thought they needed water, so I put "water" in their tank, and then found out it was bleach, and I had killed our fish. so maybe it was that or maybe the day I was born was the day all the animals of the world thought they should hate the next person who breathes, and that just happened to be me. I don't know, all I know is that, besides cats, animals hate me, and thus Penelope tries to kill me every time I see her. it reminds me of a part of an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba(or as I like to call it, televised Marijuana) were they have this song about how animals are our friends, when if you study these animals you find out that some of them are vicious. Like Koalas, you don't want to piss a Koala off, you could end up dead, because of those "Cute Vicious Balls of Fur". this video is all a bunch of socialist crap, that could end up KILLING your kids. Oh great idea Nickelodeon! I think I could probably win a Rabbit trailing contest, if they had those.
Top: vintage. I think it was home made because it has no tags.
Pants: Old Navy Flirt
Shoes: Target

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