Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's build Rockets!!

Okay here is today's outfit, and Sunday's outfit. I don't have one for yesterday because it was pretty much Sundays outfit with different shorts and shoes.*I need to do laundry, and find the clothes that apparently ran away, because I can't find them.*.

Tights: Target
Shoes: my Mum gave them to me I don't know were she got them but the sole says Predictions as the company.
Skirt: Target
Top: Costco, Mod Bod top. they are the most comfortable tops on the face of the planet.

Flats: Target
Head Band: Target
Purple shirt: Target
Grey top(you can't really see it): Costco Mod Bod top

Whew! long past couple of days. on the 16Th we did a Bottle Rocket Class. it was so fun. we didn't actually shoot them because we need a permit in order to do so, but we built them, and got to learn about the kinds of batteries you use when launching them. and we built them. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow and show you what they looked like.

Well off to do some major renovation on my room.


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