Wednesday, April 21, 2010

nothing to wear, but Michael found a Flee at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Today I really wanted to wear a dress. which is actually really random for me, because I usually want to wear a skirt or my grey jeans and then I realize that I have a dress or skirt that is cuter and I end up wearing that. but today I actually started out with a dress. unfortunately this dress is at the point where I should get rid of it, so this will be the last time I will where it.

Well nothing has happened today, but it's only two so we still have time for someone to have an emotional breakdown, a realization that they are not the centre of the universe and then a giant fight between two others.
But hey, isn't that what makes life interesting?

Okay so really quickly I want to share something that I have been meaning to post since I saw it. It's a dog toy that Michael(my brother-in-law) found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's a flea. I know, I was scared too. ~Delaney

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