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Dayla And The Dead Guy

So.....This post has been in my head since I posted Meet Dayla. so here it goes. I have been writing a....Book....?...a story since fall of 2008. it's been a working progress, and I'm only on the second chapter, so it's A) nowhere near being a best seller, and B) nowhere near being finished anywhere in the near future(from about this second to the year 2018[and yes I know I will be 23 at the time]). So here it is, but first, it's a rough draft and will most likely be changed at some point in time. And this is some time in the end half of the book. So to catch you up, Dayla moved(location still if-y, Oregon? Washington?), and then her parent's decide to public school her, instead of going on with the already sixteen years, she's had of being home schooled, so she just goes with it. That's one of the few things Dayla is good at, going with things, along with being a freak(and enjoying every minute of it), always being able to quote Loralie Gilmore to the last punctuation mark, but still not remember what her mum said to her five seconds ago, and memorizing Vampire books and movies. that's the thing she loved the most, a good Vampire novel. Then Dayla starts school, and meets James, he has a huge family(something they have in common), and a deep secret that Dayla can see the second she sees him, and as she puts it: 'yup I found them, right in some flyover town in*again location still if-y*, odd that Vampires aren't known well, I know I could spot one like that.' I mentally snapped my fingers, 'and just did. Oh irony.', and so begins the friendship of Dayla Stanley and James Marten. there is still stuff I haven't changed, things that massively need changing, but I am too lazy to change, but this needs to be a short post so here goes. this is a later part, but is pretty self explanatory, but still I'll catch you up. the plot is that after Dayla moves, Marilyn Burkheart, a woman from an unknown town in a flyover state, decides to come out as a Vampire, thus making James' family want to move, or at least lie low, but being a genius Dayla convinces them that it'd be best if they moved, got out of the country and made sure they were safe, so, as most people do, they took her advice, and then Dayla realized her mistakes, and her nasty habit of coming up with a solution to problems, and saying it before she actually thinks about what she is actually thinking. So Dayla tries to get over it, dose "normal teenager stuff", and tries to ignore any other news on "Vampire Expozation" as she says. She ends up going to a concert at which she encounters some of James' siblings, and ends up telling her brother Eamon everything. Which he already knows. Eamon is kinda protective of Dayla, because he thinks she's too spontaneous to know what the crap she's getting herself into, and he's no dummy, even though he seems like he's perpetually high, so him knowing long before Dayla tells him, doesn't surprise her. instead he tries to get her over it and eventually gets her to agree to a open mic. night. before that happens, though, she meets another vampire, and realizes that he is an old friend, William Peters, or will to her( but he doesn't like anyone else calling him that) and they start hanging out, Dayla tried to help him with the fact that his mother is kinda anal, and stuck up, and then he eventually takes her advise, and goes to talk to his mother. that is were we are here. And so you are caught up. this is that open mic night scene. it's a little cheesy, but I'm hoping that with your feedback it won't suck for much longer.

The Blackbird was quiet. there was just a couple of people there. The coordinator, who I think was called Cooper, walked on stage and said, “Thank you, ‘ Pintoe Beens’,” ‘you guys are so talented, and you couldn't think of a better name?’ I thought looking at the four brunette guys, walking off the stage. “Okay,” Cooper went on, “next, give a warm welcome to some newcomers, they are Dayla, Eamon, and Finn, but I myself am more acquainted with them as, Too Many Suckers Not Enough Lovers!” This guy really want’s to be hosting a game show. I walked up the stairs, and over to the Mic and piano, and sat down. "Hi." I said, "Um. I'm Dayla, and this is Eamon, and Finn. Well, we're gonna play something I wrought very recently, It’s called ‘Pieces’, and" I took a deep breath, "here it goes." Eamon started to play and then came my Que. the melody took me away, and I was in a happy state for once. "Why did you have to go...." I sang. The music swept me away, and before long it was all I herd, I wasn't really concentrating on the keys I hit on the piano, but somehow it came out the way I wanted it to.
'I bet I look like an idiot' I thought, I opened my eyes to make sure I didn't, and there he was. 'I saw him!' I thought 'Charlotte's with him too. Why are they here? Why the night we we're here? Do they know we're here?' My mind boggled until the end of the song. I played my last key, and Eamon his last cord. we ended in a beautiful cord on both guitar and piano, and there was an applause that reminded me of when Alice did this in high school, I stopped comparing myself to my always cool sister, the one I have to say I was closest to, and brought myself back to the present. the present were James was sitting in the back of this cafe with Charlotte his "sister". "Thanks’." the three of us said, and walked off the stage, and I was so glad it was over. He started to go outside with Charlotte, so I packed up with the boys, and went outside too. I didn't see him when I got out there, though. 'Maybe he went home, or hunting? I hope he's been keeping up his hunting trips instead of–No! I am not concerning myself with this,' I thought, 'He's a big boy, he can take care of himself. He's been doing it for eighty-three years, what's another billion?', “Dayla!” Eamon said, I shook my head and turned to help him, "sorry. lack of coffee." I shrugged and unlocked my car, and then I saw him again. 'He's coming over here.' I though, warning myself, the night of the concert went through my head over and over as I remained immobile 'Move you idiot! Do you want an awkward pass-by, or are you gonna move your butt out of the way, idiot?! Move!' I thought-yelled, but I couldn't. I was unable to move. He walked right up to me.'Move, moron move!' I yelled at myself, but it was no use. I wasn't moving. Not only because I couldn't, but because deep down I didn't want to move. What I really wanted was for him to tell me I'm staying, and that he is too. That he's 'Not taking 'No' for an answer!' and all that cliche stuff, because I love him ,and he loves me, and we both know it. my gosh! when did I get so dramatic? That's it no more CW for you Dayla. "Hello Dayla." James said, and again I almost melted at the sound of his voice. "Hi, James." I said casually, even though it was the complete opposite of what I felt. I had no idea why my voice was not hoarse like it should have been, because my mouth was so dry, but was thankful that it wasn't. All I could think was how much I needed Will right now, and how I wished I could disappear. “Hey.” Eamon said through his teeth, as he turned to James, and crossed his arms over his chest."We need to talk." James said to me. "Okay." I said turning, finally remembering to mask my emotions. “Dayla, have you seen what time it is?” Eamon asked, grabbing my arm and turning my face to his. I could tell he was worried, and knew exactly what his expression meant, ‘Dayla you idiot, I’m not letting you get hurt again, get in the freaking car, stupid.’ and he has all the right to have that face, but I can’t jump an opportunity to get an explanation, I can’t let it slip by when so much can be explained, like why the hell he did what I said and left, I thought, no one dose what I say! it's stupid! “I’ll be right back.” I said to Eamon in a calm, double-sentenced sentence, the second sentence being ‘I’ll be fine, but on the off chance that I won’t be, call Will and tell him his mother can wait. I need him.’ Eamon nodded one sharp, quick nod, and then James and I walked in silence to an ally by the building, and then kept walking until I knew Eamon couldn't hear, all the while saying nothing. I turned around to listen to James, When all of the sudden he just put his arms around my waist, and kissed me hard, and all I could do was rap my arms around his neck, and hope it lasted, because I didn't want to have to let go in case I lost him again, and I didn't want to fight with him, not after all of this crap that’s gone on, not after I almost died twice, and definitely not while Will is gone. So, no matter what bad blood we have against each other, I wouldn't turn this perfect blip of a moment into a fight. you are such a freaking idiot, I told myself.
He pulled back a few minutes later, and said, "I love you, and I am so sorry, Dayla. Will you ever forgive me, even though I know I don't deserve it, will you please? I need to know." "It's not your fault,” I said, “and it's not my fault either," I quickly added before he argued, "and I don't care about that right now. You're back, and that's all I'm choosing to think about right now." "Bu-"I kissed him again and he let it drop. After a minute I pulled away in-voluntarily, and said, "I have to go. My parents want me home by eleven." ‘And Will’s gonna be here tomorrow.’ I thought to myself. "I'll see you later though, right?" "We have school tomorrow, don't we?" he said with a half smile. I smiled, and kissed him again. "Or I could see you tonight too." He said. "Definitely!" I kissed him one last time and left. When I got to the car the boys were inside and asleep, that was good, now I can think this through, before I’m home. Then it hit me, I INVITED HIM OVER! Why would I do that? What insane person dose that?! Is there an excuse I could use? I’m feeling sick? That won’t work, I haven’t been getting sick for a long time, why would I start now? I need Will! Why did he have to pick this week to pick a fight with his mother? I know needing him for my own selfish reasons is wrong, but he dose owe that to me. It’s not like it was a great time to be a patient, what with the whole world falling on my lap. I drove home faster than usual and the speed didn't seem to be an issue for James, he was always right behind me, with no more than one car between us if any. Great. I don’t even have time to think about this clearly. “‘A single week, Day. Can you manage that?’ ‘Oh no problem Will, it’s not like the world will explode.’” I sighed in disgust, “I’m an idiot.”
I woke the boys up when we got home and went straight in. "Hey Dayla, how was your night?" Ginny asked. "Great, but I'm bushed. I'm going to bed." I said with a fake yawn. " 'Kay, night." she said going back to her book "Night kiddo." I said. "I'm the same age as Finn, ya know? Why isn't he a 'kiddo' anymore, hu?" she mumbled. I went to my room and shut the door quietly, and there he was at my desk. 'What's he holding?' I thought, and then I realized it was the song I sang at 'The Blackbird'. CRAP!!!!! "Hey," I said casually. "What's that?" I asked like I didn't already know. "I was hopping you'd tell me, actually." he said, with a upset look on his face, but I knew it was him, rather than me that he was mad at. I decided to play dumb for the moment, and walked over, as if to get a better look, even though I knew exactly what it was, "I guess it's a song.....that I wrought...a wile ago....I think?" my voice squeaked a little at the end. "Dayla," he said standing up. "Will you ever forgive me?" he finished as he wrapped his arms around me. "Of course. Don't blame yourself. I've told you this already, remember?” I said “I guess the only thing that's your fault is you won't listen to me." I said jokingly. "Ha," he laughed sort of, but it was more like a sigh. "I guess you're right." he sighed again. "Hey, look at me." I said lifting his chin up. "I love you, and you sobbing all night over something that doesn't matter isn't gonna change that fact, even if you sometimes act like a complete fool. Anyway, what time is it?" "Um, ten-thirty." he said looking at his watch. "Well we have school tomorrow, and I'm still surprised my parents agreed to a Sunday night gig 'cause I'm bushed, so 'Bedtime for the human'." I quoted with a smile. He kissed me again and we laid down. I fell asleep in his arms, and for the first night in a long time it was peaceful and perfect.
The next morning he was still there, and I was glad last night was not a dream, because if it was with William being gone I knew I would not be able to bare it, I would break down and for good this time, and not even my best friend would be able to help. Oh gosh! who am I, Elfine? when did I get so dramatic?! I am not living on Cold Comfort Farm. I pushed that thought away and focused on James. "Hi." I said with a smile. "Good morning, are you ready for school today, or should I make a call?" he said twirling his phone in his hand. "No. School is mandatory in the Stanley house. If only it was still the kind that you did at twelve in your pajamas, that would be nice." I said as I walked over to my closet yawning. "I'm gonna go home and change, and then come back and make you pancakes. How dose that sound?" He said walking over to me, and putting his arms around my waist. "Um...I like the 'pancakes' part, but I'm not so keen on you leaving me." I said and then kissed him. "Ten minuets? Enough time for you to get dressed and wake up your brothers. Okay?" "Fine." I said, "but I'm using a stopwatch." I said tapping on my wrist. "Don't worry. I will be to." he grinned, and then kissed me again. "Okay, go. I need to get dressed." I said afraid I had morning breath. He kissed me one last time, and said, "I love you." "I love you, too," I said, "More than anyone in the world." "I think it's quite the opposite." he said climbing out the window. I got dressed and woke up Finn, and Ginny.
Eamon was already dressed, and was putting his stuff in the car when James was finished with the pancakes, "Pancakes guys?" he asked. "Thanks' dude." Eamon said. "Sweeet!" Finn said still sleepy. "Dayla! I need your help massively!" Ginny shouted from upstairs right as I walked down them. and turned around yelling, "Coming Ginny!" The second I got to her room she said, "Before she left, Mom said that she liked this top, as opposed to this top, but I like them both. Which one?" "The green goes better with the tights and I have shoes you can ware. what's this for, anyway?" I asked with a half smile, knowing the answer. "There's this really cute guy in Spanish named Ken, and I think he likes me 'cause his friend asked me what kind of music I liked and then he told him. AND he's a Christian, so what do I do?" "You ware the red not the green, trust me, and change your tights." I said walking out her door, "Thank you so much. I owe you, we're talkin' lifetime of servitude hear Dayla, thanks'." "Well get ready, or you'll be going in your pajamas." "Okay." she said. I was about to close the door when she said, "Wait Dayla!" I turned around, and she said, "Was that James Marten I heard down stairs?" I smiled and said, "Yes that was." "Dose he know about William Peters?" she asked. "Are you Mom?" I threw back. "He's your best friend Dayla." she said. "Don't let your boyfriend get freaked out, and end up staking him." I sighed."I'm gonna talk to him at lunch. I think it would be easier if I had Anna there too." "Just make sure Anna doesn't find out first." she reminded me. "I know." I said, sighed, and went down stairs. Then I registered what Ginny said, standing at the bottom of the stairs I yelled, “Eamon! Were’s Mom?!” Eamon came out of the kitchen with a mouth full of pancakes, and said, “She went to that tiny shopping place down town, apparently she doesn't have anything to ware to that thing Dad and her are going to.” “‘That she and Dad are going to’.” I corrected him. “Right.” he said, “Oh, and she want’s you to do her hair tonight.” “Cool.” I said.

so that isn't finished, but neither is anything else in this story. I'm going to post the plot of it some time this week. It's titled Dayla And the Dead Guy(working title), and I think once I edit it I will Post the first chapter, maybe.

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