Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh the 1800's!

So, I have meant to post something these past few weeks, but I haven't done much of late. I've been getting ready for the Norco fair, making jelly, jam, an apron, and a cake(sorry I don't have pictures, I had an accident involving the screen of my camera getting broken). Not much has happened that is worth mentioning, I went camping with the family, which, even though it was my idea, ended up sucking due to my idiocy of being a pain in the butt just because I didn't want to go to a lighthouse. you see we all were asked what we wanted to do, some said go to the beach(cool story: the beach had an area that was covered in dead jellyfish, and I picked one up!), and my mother suggested to go to a lighthouse, now I don't really like lighthouses, I may sound like a wimp when I say this, but it's not the height it's the circular movement whilst moving up, and I get dizzy, the last time I went to a light house I made it up half way and ended up running down because I thought I would hurl, pass out, or both(very attractive hu?). I was in a particularly foul mood on a count of having a rock at the small of my back the night before, and a snarky sister, so I acted poorly and ended up getting yelled at, because I didn't want to go to all the historic sights, whatever. I need to just remember that when you have a home school mum everything is turned into a learning experience, like it or not. other than that I had a nice time camping, on our way there and back we stopped at this shop called Pink Trash & Treasures, it's in Buellton, California, I found the most amazing coat in the world(well my mum or dad actually found it I can't remember which though) it hasn't got a tag so for now I've no idea who it's by, or even if it's a knock-off, and was actually made in 1983(if you do know the designer and era please e-mail me or post a comment below, my e-mail address is in my about me at the top of the page, spam or inappropriate behaviour will not be appreciated. I will hunt you down and kill you. Jesus is watching you.), I love this coat, I am obsessed with late 1700's to early 1900's fashions, even though the fashions are so different through those eras as they progressed, I believe I should have lives in that time span, no matter how socialist, or sexist it was, I love the fashion, and the proper-ness of it all. At the moment I'm reading The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by the author Libba Bray, and it's set in the 1890's, it's a fantastic series about a girl(who's name is Gemma! coolest name ever in my opinion), and she starts having visions of the future, I love this series!!! it's so enthralling, and you just can't put it down. I'm on the third, and final, book, The Sweet Far Thing, it's so good, I love how the author can pull you in in this series, something I have trouble with when I'm writing. it's one of those series' that when you hear that a friend is reading it you want to ask a thousand questions like, "what chapter are you on? have they done this yet? do you know who this is yet? have they been to this place were they find out that that person did this?" and then your friend throws shoes at you. or at least that's what is going to happen when I tell my friend Chandler about these books, and make her read them. if you ever see them in your local book store, I recommend them, highly, especially if you like fantasy books that are still intelligent.
Coat: I don't know, but if you do contact me.
Shoes: American Eagle
Skirt: Vintage Even-Picone(wool and polyester)
Top: Mossimo
Sweater: Brownies uniform sweater I found it at Goodwill, it has three previous owners' names on the tag, but two are scribbled out, I think one says Amy something, but I can't tell, I do know that one is Morgan S.


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