Saturday, September 3, 2011


So I decided to make this post cause I'm a little stuck. If you used to read my blog you'll remember when I did the posts Dayla and the Dead Guy, and Meet Dayla, well I'm a little stuck, and I need some advice. The point I am at is that Dayla has already met the Martens, and Jones'(other Vampires that you haven't met yet) about a day ago her time, and she's cool with it all. She's still settling in, and isn't used to the whole public school thing and the fact that nine of her classmates are Vampires(a fact she knows immediately). she's already made an enemy, a pervert named Kreg who won't leave her alone. and her family(three older sister, the two eldest sisters' husbands, her aunt uncle and two slutty cousins, her mother's parents and her father's parents.) are all in town thanks to her mother mixing up the dates on which they would be arriving there. (As I have mentioned before I still haven't chosen a location[another thing I need advice on]). the basic premise is that a vampire, by the name of Marilyn Burkheart, comes out and Dayla(being a therapist to everyone she meets), has to deal with her family freaking out, her friends wanting to leave town, and some old, and new acquaintances' of hers, showing up in town, some seeking advice from our heroin. so I guess my questions are, when do I introduce Marilyn Burkheart? how close should Dayla get with the martens before her whole world turns upside down, and they leave? should they leave, or is that too cliche? and how should she deal with the Marilyn Burkheart issue?

leave your comments below. thanks'!

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