Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is It Really Worth Saying?

So lately I've been thinking....Can I actually do this......? Can I make up stories for a Living? Can I, Delaney Barrett, stupid idiot, and therapist to all, home-schooler, awkward freak and just down right odd girl, can i really be an author that brings a smile, whether malicious or otherwise, to a person's face and make them open themselves up to reading? You think about the average teenager, all they care about anymore is sex, gossip, and technology that they take for granted. Could that person really just, on a whim, pick up a Delaney Barrett(or whatever last name I have when I get published, if I get published) book, and have it open their mind to people like Jane Austin, Bram Stoker, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, and everyone else that our, or our parent's, generation thought where classic literature. now I know that sounds like I'm comparing myself to, in my opinion, the greatest authors in the world, but I'm not. I know that no matter how good of a writer I'll ever be, if I ever am, I'll never be like them, or the plethora of other authors that I admire. but, to stop my rabbit trail, I guess all I can do is tell myself that you never know what the next generation will bring, I mean look at Hipsters, do you think their parents knew that they were breeding the most insipid generation when they decided to make whoopee? obviously not, because I think if they could look into the future and see their teenagers now, they would have probably played cribbage that night. so maybe, in life, we just need to take risks, no matter how much of the contents of your stomach is trying to rewind time by coming back up. so do we jump, not knowing what's at the bottom of the cliff, whether it's water or rocks? or do we turn back, and take a different path, until we run into another cliff with the same question posing itself to us? I guess I'm being dramatic, but am I really? I'm thinking about my future way more than any other teenager is, or at least the ones that I know. it's just been something I've been thinking about a lot lately. when no one seems to be interested in what you have to say, is it really that important? Do they really need to hear it?

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