Saturday, February 18, 2012

Story Post: The Big Scene

whoo! Okay so this is kinda the part where I start freaking out. this is 'The Big Scene' the one that the whole story is about. I've kinda been hesitant to put this on here, but the best way to know what people think of your work is to ask them, right? so here goes. this is when Maralyn Burkheart comes out.


“In other news...” the news caster on channel 12 says, “Vampire hoax or truth?” my heart give a jump, as the words come out of her mouth. “A woman in Virginia claims to be a real Vampire. Her family only being her son of 13 and her sister, who lives in Chicago. She claims she’s a real life Vampire, and we may have gotten it right.” that’s next on KVWQ channel 12 news. Stay tuned.” my heart pounding I stay frozen, hearing nothing outside of my heartbeat, and own thoughts. ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!’ the second the commercials are off I’m already turning up the volume, completely silent, and seated. “A Mrs. Marilyn Burkheart of Pleasentville Virginia , claim she’s a real Vampire, her impacting story has hit hundreds in her own town and now her story’s gone national.” a picture of her was posted to the right of the lady’s head. She was around her forties, and looked a bit like Stephanie Meyer. “She’s apparently one hundred and fifty-seven years old, or young, and still looks like she’s a forty-three. Burkheart says she’s been living with this pain, and just needs her story out there. Her neighbours were happy enough to give KVWQ interviews. We join Kaylee Loo on the field now.” it changes to a Stormy Virginia, and an Asian-American news Castor is standing there with an old lady in her robe and curlers. “So Mrs. Morgan, you have known Marilyn for eight years you say?” Kaylee Loo says. “Why yes, I have, Marilyn’s such a sweet girl she’s just been so helpful around my house in my old age. You know she’s single, and my husband has angina.” Kaylee Loo interrupt her to get back on topic, and Mrs. Morgan continues. “She’s just so great around town, and single, but I never would have suspected this, she’s not the one to ‘murder and rampage’, like those other Vampires on TV. You would have never suspected.” the screen changed to a man with a stretched white under shirt over his beer belly, and a bald head. “So you know Marilyn well?” Kaylee Loo says. “Yeeah– Kaylee, ya know, you are just the perdiest laydee I heeave ever met.” Kaylee smiles awkwardly, “Thank you. So you and Marilyn are close?” she rephrases obviously uncomfortable. “Yea– yea sh-she’s my neighbour. My- my neighbour in, uh, town.” Kaylee smiles in a noticeably disgruntled way. “Thank you.” she says, and it changes to the next interviewed person. I was completely taken aback. My mind was an empty shell. “That’s not news, that’s a teenage girls fantasy.” Chandler says eyeing me. I ignored her. What was I supposed to say? ‘Haha, what a joke’? When I knew it was true? Then Grandpa T. says, “My gosh, what bull they put on T.V. these days. What ‘s next? Fifteen year olds can run for president? Although it would be a whole lot better than what we have now.” he said as a side note. “Gosh!” my grandma T. chimes in, with a chuckle, “you sure are right bill.” as she continues her crossword puzzle. Mom and my sisters make come comments about me being able to ”come out of the Vampire closet” , and giggle and joke with my cousins. Eammon, however, is the only one who looks at me with a question mark face. My dad pats me on the back, obviously taking my silence as anger from the teasing. “They’re only joking sweetie.” he says to me, from behind the couch. I recover quickly, and stand up, trying not to fall over, I say, “That’s so weird. I guess it proves people get more gullible every day.” and I walk to the stairs with a simple, “I have to go do school work, instead of listening to crazy people talking about crazier people.” and, with what I hoped was a convincing laugh, I walked up to my room. Closing my door and collapsing on my bed. One part of my mind thought ‘Okay , this is just a dream, I’ll wake up, and it’ll be funny.’, and the other said, ‘the world will end, the world will effing end!” that evening I think I got the worst sleep I’ve ever had, not because I was tossing and turning, because all I saw was darkness. At home, school, everywhere. Just darkness. The darkness you feel in your heart the second you walk by it, I felt no one near me. I felt nothing. And it scared me, like hell.

I wake up feeling sore. Like all my muscles were tense last night. The worst part was I knew it wasn’t a dream. I hoped it had been one, but I knew it was childish to think it was. I felt like crap. And I did not want to go to school. “Shit.” I whispered. I got dressed, not even aware of what I was putting on. I hear a knock on my door. “Come in.” I say. The door opens. “Daylie?” Eammon says cautiously, as he opens the door. “Yeah?” I say, turning toward the door from my Vanity. “You ready to go?” he asks. “Yeah.” I get up, walking to my bag on the bed. “So you’re only putting makeup on one eye today?” he asks with one eyebrow raised. “No.” I say shaking my head like he’s the weird one. I finish my makeup, and Chandler wakes up freaking out about the light, as she storms to the loo. I ignore her, trying not to blow up at people in frustration. I barely eat breakfast, feeling nauseous, and say goodbye to the family. Dad’s on his way out, grandpa T. is doing jujitsu in the backyard, and the rest of my, awake, relatives are in the living room watching some morning talk show like Wendy Williams. “We should go.” I say. And we all leave. Ginny and Fallon are fighting about who get’s to sit in the front seat. Eammon keeps eyeing me like I’m gonna snap, and start murdering people at any moment. “Would you stop that?!” I say to him. He turns quickly away, like he’s hiding the fact that he’s watching me. I know he’s going to continue watching me all day. We drive to school in silence, except for Band of Horses that’s playing on the radio. When we get to school I don’t see any of the Martens or Jones’. We’re semi early in spite of my thoughts. And I find myself feeling empty, as I wait, wandering through the halls. I’m about to turn a corner, on my way to first hour when a voice stops me. “Ted, You can’t just think this will go away, you aren’t that stupid, are you?!” I recognise the voice as Principal Durum. I pause listening in. “Jennifer, they’re going to do something, I know they will, this Maralyn What’s-her-face has broken a law, a big one, and when they get wind of it, the Vampires are going to raise hell, so the witches,” he nods to her but I’m not shocked, the day I met our principal I knew she was weird, but I was shocked when Mr. Fredrick did this, “and the Werewolves.” he gestured to himself! “Are in grave danger now that this woman is out, I’m not just talking about exposure, I talking about extinction. It’ll be open season if we try to get involved, so Just. Lay. Low.” he fixes his coat and turns. I hide in the nearest class room until I know they’re both gone. Oh. My. Gosh! “My English teacher’s a werewolf.” I say, “and my principal’s a Witch.” I exhale decidedly. “I’ll just have to do something.” I sighed. “Oh Crap!”

So.... that's what I've got so far. Comment's are always welcome, good or bad. Later!


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