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Story Post: Rozland

I know I promised to post the first chapter or two of Dayla and The Dead Guy, but it's been slow going, even though I've been typing my ass off, so I decided I'll do posts(hopefully once a week if not every day) on other things I've started working on today's is kinda a weird one. The basic plot is about a girl, Rozland, she was turned at six, and because it's illegal she's been hiding ever since. she meets some friends a couple Vampires a werewolf, and convinces them to help her look for a cure, something one of the Vampires has been looking for ever since a companion of his eluded to there being one, a couple decades ago. when we catch up with Rozland it's her sixteenth birthday, and, even though she's still in the body of a six year old she is a teenager at mind. so here goes. this is Rozland: P.S. there are some words spelt weird, but I tried to put it in the perspective of a six year old so that's her pronunciation.

It was two o’clock in the afternoon, on Wednesday, and I was in the dentist’s waiting room, board. It was the middle of winter break, and mommy wanted me to go to the dentist before Christmas. That was when I smelt it. There was a really yucky smell in the room. “What’s that smell Kyle?” I asked turning to my fifteen-year-old sister. She was, as usual, texting on her cell phone. That’s all she and Ben ever did. I think it’s just a big kid thing. “I think it’s the lady at the desk, Roz.” Kyle said looking at the old lady in a purple sweater. “You should go ask her.” Mommy took Kyle’s phone away from her, and whispered, “That’s it! No texting for a month, Kyle.” “But Mom!” Kyle whined, as Ben laughed. Ben was Kyle’s twin, that means they were born at the same time. Kyle put her long, dark hair up in a ponytail, and then ponged Ben on the head for laughing. Mommy took Kyle’s hand and pulled her out of her seat, as she standed up and traded seats with her. That was silly. Why did mommy want Kyle to sit next to the old man with his teeth coming out. She might pong him on the head too. Kyle didn’t, instead she sat there for a little while. Then she said, “Can I go to the bathroom?” she looked at mommy. “Can you get a better attitude?” mommy asked looking up from her mazageen. “Can you ask politely?” Kyle sighed. “May I please go to the restroom, mother?” Kyle rolled her eyes. That wasn’t very nice, I thought. “Yes you may.” mommy said. Mommy was always polite. “Mommy,” I whispered. “Yes Rozland?” she said looking at me. I leaned over, and whispered, “I have to go to the bathroom.” mommy looked over at Kyle. “Would you please take her with you?” she asked. Kyle sighed. “Fine.” I ran over to her. Kyle grabbed my hand. “But if you get lost don’t go crying to mom, and tell her it’s my fault.” Kyle whispered. “I wont get lost.” meanie, I thought. We went to the bathroom. Kyle stood in the hallway because it was a little stall. There was a window at the top of the room over the sinks. “Crap!” Kyle said, “Rozland, I’m gonna go out to see were I left my iPod. I’ll be right back.” “Mommy said you were supposed to watch me.” I told her. “What Mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Kyle said, and I heard the door to the bathroom shut. When I got out of the stall I washed my hands and walked through the door to the other room. But I was outside outside. The door behind me shut. I turned around and tried to pull it, but it wouldn’t open. “Mommy! Kyle! Help me!” I screamed. No one answered. No one on that side of the door. “Hey there.” I heard from behind me. I turned around and saw a big man with dark brown eyes and brown hair. “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers when mommy’s not with me.” I told the man. I pushed my back against the door. “I’m not a stranger,” he said. “I’m a friend. You can trust me.” he smiled. He looked like Kyle’s boyfriend Jake. He was not allowed at our house, but when Mommy and Daddy are gone Kyle lets him come over. They sit on the couch and Kiss while I watch TV. “I don’t want to trust you.” I told the man. He sighed.“Can I just tell you a secret then?” I nodded. “Okay, but you can’t tell anyone. Do you promise?” he said. I nodded. “Okay.” he said. He leaned over to my ear, and then I felt two pokes on my neck. They hurt, but I couldn’t scream, but someone else did. “ROZLAND!!!!!!” I jumped out of bed. “Rozland!” David said from the stairs of my loft slash bedroom. “Gosh David! What is it?” I asked. “Some guy’s at the door. He says he needs the rent. Were’s Trevor?” my brain hurt. It was still daytime. “He should be in his room.” there was a pause. “Why isn’t he in his room, David?” I said in a panicky voice. “I...forgot to check there.” David said. I hit the heel of my hand to my forehead. David was an idiot sometimes. Weird time for the landlord to show up. It was five P.M. it was just now getting dark. I got up, got dressed, and went into my bathroom. One great thing in my insane life was that I had my own bathroom. Grant it that it would be nice not to need a stool to get to the counter. I climbed up on the stool and looked into the mirror. “Man.” she was still in the mirror. That girl I had to deal with for nine years. I noticed the reflection of the calender behind me. Scratch that, ten years. I could feel it too. That was the weird part of this. I could always tell how long it had been. It was easy to tell the time. I think it has to do with the fact that the sun being up would turn me into a pile of dust, but I could. I absolutely hated my birthday. There always seemed to be reruns on it, we went to some place and I got treated like a kid. I’m sixteen and I’m still treated like a six-year-old. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Except that guy. The guy who starred in every dream I had for ten years. The guy who did this to me. It happened to David too. The only difference was that, although we are technically the same age it happened to him at ten. That’s why we came to Trevor, he was looking for a cure too. For Mac, his sister, she’s technically fourteen, but she’s been fourteen for six years. We’re all a bunch of freaks. If the council ever found out, we’d be dead. But thanks to Trevor we can find a solution. We’ve been looking for one for years. Trevor says he knew some witches who could do it, but they’ve been missing for ten years. “Roz! What are you doing?” Trevor was standing at the stairs of my room. “Uh–I was just thinking.” I shook my head. “Well come eat something. You look really pale.” he smiled. I threw a book at him, which he caught and placed on the floor. We both went down stairs and ate “breakfast” which was actually more like dinner to humans. “So what do you guys want to do this fine evening?” Trevor asked as he inhaled six eggs and five stripes of bacon. He reminded me of the werewolves I stayed with before I me him. “I am dying to go shopping and actually get out for once.” I said, “Maybe we could go see that new horror movie that came out last weekend.” Trevor sighed. “I’m not sneaking you in.” he said. “Oh come on! I’m sixteen I have to be able to actually do sixteen-year-old things.” I complained. “Dude! To the state of Oregon you are still six. And remember the last time we got caught?” I didn’t answer. The last time we got caught we had to get a lawyer so that I wasn’t put into a foster home. To the state of Oregon the guys are my uncles, and only living relatives. I think the only way they won custody was because Trevor had just gotten married to Rose, and so I had a female in my life. Of course to the state I’m not a sixteen-year-old Vampire, who lost her humanity at the age of six.

so I haven't gotten far, but I just felt like posting this. comment back and tell me what you think, good or bad. and I'll try to post tomorrow night, after I completely melt my brain out by typing.


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