Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Been So Long(To Catch You Up)

A lot has happened since I posted last. mostly I've been typing, and doing 4-H-ey things. I had a bit of a freak out because I lost about five pages of storyline that is highly important for Dayla and the Dead Guy. so I had a panic attack. I have been getting ready to go on a California Focus trip, which is a program 4-H dose in which you learn about California history, and how our state is run, and then we are going to Sacramento to visit the capitol, where we take place in mock state government, running for office, dealing with mock issues that are put to us, etc. and a lot of other things. I'm super excited, but also very nervous, so we'll cross our fingers, and hope nothing happens that's too terrible. The upside, though most people my age would find this lame, is that my brother is one of the delegates on my team, and my mother is our chaperon, so I'll have them to make sure I don't do something totally stupid, like fall in a pool, or go insane or something(haha). I've looked over our schedule, and it seems like a lot of fun, though we have like no down time whatsoever. And because of that, and a reason I'm getting to, I'm trying to convince my parents to let us to go to the beach when we get home.

the second reason I've been trying to convince my parents is that I've recently become addicted to the Australian show Blue Water High, and only have half a season to go before I finish the series. For those who don't know what it's about here's my gist of the plot though you can find out a longer summery and more(actors, producers, directors, etc.) here. There's a private surf competition held at Blue Water Beach every year sponsored by the surf company Solar Blue, the competition is for teens, the winning prize being contracted to solar blue, who sponsors you, and competing in the World Tour surf comps. I started watching it because an actress from H2O: Just Add Water(another Australian show, though this one's about mermaids) was in the third, and final, season. But I really like it, and it's making me want to go to the beach so so so bad. If you get the chance I recommend it, it's a teen drama, so be warned, but it's addictive if you love surfing, or even love watching surfing.

But for now I just have to worry about my trip, then I can come home(do massive amounts of laundry), and worry about the beach. So that's about all I've done of late, other than the fact that my little sister and I have moved into a bigger bedroom(yay floor space!!).

I'll try to post some stories when I get back from my trip, as well as trip photos. also remember to like me on facebook, and if you're on Figment, Library Thing, or Goodreads look me up(Delaney Barrett).

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