Thursday, July 12, 2012


So, I've been thinking a  lot about what inspires me. Not just when writhing. But with all aspects of my life. what inspires me to continue 4-H, what inspires me to view life through rose coloured glasses, and what inspires me to take off those glasses and say, "uh, hey, we've got this all wrong.". one problem with growing up home schooled is that you have too many interests. I know that when you're public schooled it's not like it is in the movies. there aren't the "popular/jocks", the "band geeks", the "goths", ect. People have friends based on their interests, but that doesn't mean you don't have different interests. I, personally, have friends, that like things I can't stand*cough* Justin*cough* Bieber *cough*. I have lots of friends that, were they to listen to the music that I listen to(like The Birthday Massacre) would think I was nuts, and have me committed.

The same if they heard my political views, since most of them come from very conservative families, where as my family is very Libertarian. I recently went to a political convention in Sacramento( the capital of California for those of you that don't know), we were separated into parties, but not given a choice so that "We had even amounts in each", I was a Golden Eagle(which was kinda like a republican), I had a lot of disagreements with my "party" because I didn't have the views that I was meant to have during the convention. And even though it was a great experience being there, I had trouble just keeping my mouth shut when I didn't believe in the bills our party was writing. it got me thinking about what makes us us. Lots of us have the views of our parents, and lots of us don't. Still some of us did, and then a few years later took a step back and said "I really don't agree with this", and decided to take a different path. Not just politically but religiously, and recreationally.

I grew up, and still am growing though not up(he he,short person joke), in a Christian family, and, by my mother doing research, I've realizes that it's been that way since the dawn of time. That's a part of my heritage that will, hopefully, always be there, but politically my mother thinks her parents are idiots. But we have other things that get passed down based on taste. I grew up on classic rock bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, ect., and I still love them, but I also love Industrial music like The Birthday Massacre, though no one else in my family, or even my friends that don't come from the Internet, like them. They all think I'm weird for listening to them.

But my siblings and parents love She & Him(look them up, Zooey Deschanel is amazing, I kinda want to be her). And the same with movies and books. I loved the Twilight Saga, not so entirely the movies, but I wanted all of Alice Cullen(Ashley Greene)'s wardrobe, in all four movies, and I can't wait for the fifth. I am a persnickety person when it comes to movies based on books(I would totally sit there for 18 hours if they completely followed a book). I also love L.J. Smith. she is kind of a role model of mine, and one of the people who inspired me to become a writer. I like how she can take something so Juvenal as Teen Vampires and turn it into something so elegant(Secret Vampire is my favourite). If I ever professionally Wright it would be an honour just to be compared to her, though I know I'm not that good.

Another difference between me and the people in my world, I'd like to go to OU when I graduate, and study English there. all my relatives think I'm crazy, even though my mother's family is from Oklahoma. But yet I still agree with my parents on education, and weather(the main reason they think I'm crazy is that Oklahoma weather isn't exactly the kind I function well in). Also I'm pretty sure they think I'm crazy for wanting to be an author(though for what reasons I've only just speculated, never asked).

My mother loves 4-H, and sometimes I think she's living vicariously through me and my siblings by putting us in it. yeah, I like 4-H, but it's not my life, and sometimes I feel that she wants it to be. Lately we've been getting record books together, were we keep records of everything we've done in our projects(eg: if you do animals record all hours you've cleaned them, fed them, and cleaned up after them, or in a shooting sport like Archery log your improvements and scores), it's a great learning experience to keep records like this, but she keeps adding things to put in them, and I kinda want to say "then YOU can do a record book instead of me!") yeah I know it's petty, and just because I'm stressed(14 projects and a five page story about my entire experience in 4-H! Eeeeek!), but it just bugs me. So even though it's annoying 4-H is a part of my life, a really huge part.

Okay so this next one is maybe that I just want it to be, kinda. I do surf, but not very well, and not often enough. if you read my last post about Blue Water High, you'll know my feelings toward surfing, if not I'll just tell you. I've never been a really balanced person, admittedly I was called Bella in Jr. High, though only by a few friends, and this one creeper who flirted with me, who it turns out was a Wiccan(long story), anyway, I want well balanced so I've never been too good at surfing, but since the discovery of Australian teen shows (H2O, Blue Water High, and Alien Surf Girls) I have become much more enamoured with it. It's a truly graceful sport, and a lot of fun. It's one of those thing that, even though you may not be the best at it, when you are out there you feel good. which is how I feel about a lot of sports, but this one in particular.

Colour! who doesn't like colour? Sometimes there are colours that you just like looking at, they make you feel happy. I'm this way with sunny, and butter yellows, unfortunately with my complexion I look like I'm sun burnt in yellow(sad face), but it's one of my favourite colours. My favourite colour, however is a moss green, there's just something about it that makes me feel safe. It's like a security blanket.

Which brings us to our next one. Thor's Hammer. The Thor's Hammer is a Norwegian symbol of Peace, Strength, and Protection. I ware mine constantly. Lately I've been writing a lot of Dayla and The Dead Guy's Norway scenes(will post when ready), and thus looking up a lot of Norwegian lore. The god Thor, is one of my favourite characters in Norsk lore(that and Trolls, another good luck charm). And even though I don't believe in it all, I feel a little at peace when wearing this necklace.

And, of course, we save the best for last. Gilmore girls is my all time favourite show. I love Amy Sherman Pallidino, because if she isn't making me laugh, she's making me expand my pop culture knowledge because I didn't understand the last reference made. I can't word how much I love Gilmore Girls, and sometimes miss it( though Amy Sherman has a new show on ABC Family called Bunheads that's amazing). My favourite character on this show, besides Lorelia, was Jess(guy in left picture. Of all of Rory's(girl in left picture) boyfriends, he was the best(DEAN MUST DIE! and did in my version, so did Logan. dean was a stalker, and Logan a playboy). Anyway this show makes you laugh, cry, and think, all at once, and in every episode. Rent it. Watch it. Love it.
So, What makes you you? Your likes, dislikes(which would fill three whole posts for me), fears, hopes, day to day activities, and your views? We're all  a bit different, and yet sometimes not so much. May be I'm just romanticizing, since I haven't written lately and I have too much emotion in me, or maybe we all need to make a "Me Post" to accept ourselves, even the bad stuff, like our hands are two different sizes, or our boobs are too big, or both(in my case). and maybe I am just rambling like a crazy person and should go to bed(it's midnight). good night. ~Delaney

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