Friday, July 25, 2014

One Day

One day we will go there. We will see all the people we love, we will be with our friends, and family, even those we have never met before. We will sing songs, play games, watch one another discuss the future of our lives. We will be friends or foes, we will get lost in a sea of people who have been found. We will be ourselves by being someone completely different. We will meet our heroes, or we will be our own. In fact some of us could meet our heroes while being our heroes. We will quote fond memories, whilst making some new ones to treasure. We will find new armor and weapons that we will only use for joy. We will stand out while fitting in. We will look into the future while remembering the past. New foes, and new friends will be reviled to us, and we will welcome them all with open arms, because, as we all know too well, they won't be with us long. Yes we will be suspicious of them at first, for we will always be skeptics of those who join our family this way, but in the end we will either hate how much we love them, or love how much we hate them. We will see old friends, and new ones, and embrace them all as family.

And we will be a story. Because that's all we are in the end. Stories. But we'll make it a good one. One Day. Yes one day we will go to Comic-Con.

I live an hour away, and I have never been to Comic-Con. But by Grabthar's Hammer(50 Points to Gryffindor if you get that reference) I will go one day!

This year the members of my family are starting to go off on their own adventures: one in Texas, one in Norway. We've all been very, very close our entire lives, and now we're growing up(though more than half of us are over 18), and it's starting to become lonely at home. But I'm making a promise right now that one day, when we're all home here in California(and are early enough to get ten tickets), we will all go to Comic-Con.
Have a lovely weekend those of you not doing 4-H Record Books last minute like I do.


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