Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Years Resolutions (While it's Still January)

Ugh, I have been incredibly busy and lazy all at the same time. Work got hectic for a while, and so in the evenings and on weekends I just vegged. A lot. I had a lovely holiday season, and hope you all did too. My sister came home from Texas, and we got to spend more time with her than I thought we would. We had a lovely 'ol time together, and then she went back, and we all miss her a lot. My days have been filled with work, and then it died down for a little while until we had some emergency filing this last week. But finally that is done.
I've been really thinking about the idea of a New Year's Resolution. It's viewed as something you have to do, and I feel like that's why December is unofficial New Years Resolution Month, because everyone thinks "Oh Crap, I didn't do the thing!" So I didn't make a New Years Resolution, instead I thought about happiness and health and how they really go hand in hand. People are healthy when they're happy, and it's hard to find happiness in life when you're in unhealthy situations. I'm not talking solely about dieting, or a bad relationship, though that can also be applied here. I'm mostly talking about habits like making sure that you are positive about the morning, no matter what and then seeing where that takes you. Now I'm not going to say that just because I get up in the morning and say "I'm gonna be happy dammit!" that it makes it so. I'm talking about making little goals and treats for yourself everyday. I've definitely struggled with it so far, so I'm not going to lay out this Forty Week Fitness Plan like you see on Pinterest. I'm going to make small, teeny tiney, itty-bitty goals, a few a week and try to keep good on them. They say it takes a full 21 Days to change a habit, which means I would have been really productive on Tuesday if I had started working on my laziness on New Year's Day. But alas the cycle continues. So I was thinking that if I make fifteen large goals for 2015 I can come here and check off all of the little things, as I work on those big things. And it gives me a chance to do a bit more blogging than I usually do, which is nice. I know what you're going to say, 'that's the exact same thing that you said you hate', well not exactly. I get motivated by lists and goals and moving. I will not clean my room on the weekend if I don't sit down on Friday and say 'what needs to be done, and how can I accomplish it?' That's just who I am.
I also like to workout a lot when I'm trying to loose weight because I tend to eat healthier when I'm working out even though a large amount of being overweight is not lack of exercise but poor eating habits and  I'm also, unfortunately, the person who will make plans and come up with excuse after excuse if I don't have a way to check in on myself. Today I saw a vlog from a lady I follow on YouTube, Louise, and she was talking about getting into working out again, and keeping herself motivated through social media. She's been using a hashtag #GlitterGetsFitter and it kinda motivated me to work on my health as well. Diabeties runs rampant on my mom's side of the family, and so I have really been trying to get myself to start eating right, and stop snacking, and the likes. So today I went on a long walk with our puppy, Henrietta( but we call her Henny), and I felt really good! I was really productive afterward, and even went out and ran some much needed errands. It was great! Hopefully I can stick with this for the rest of the year, because I'm always more productive if I run in the morning, and I sleep better if I do some walking in the evenings.
I have been doing a once a week yoga class at our local studio Anam Cara where they do Donation Yoga on Tuesdays, it's basic poses, great for people just getting into it, and I just love it. My sister, Grace is becoming a full-on yogi and is obsessed with it too! I've started doing some of the poses throughout the week in the evenings, it's a great way to wind down from work, and helps clear my mind so I can focus on my home To Do List. I love it!
That's pretty much all I've been up to in the past few days. And I'm making myself a promise that I will be sticking to it all. I hope everyone is having a great new year, and I'll talk soon!